This is the website of Jangda Porwal Samaj . This website contain information about porwal Samaj of India. Jangda Porwal Samaj is a part of vaisya Samaj of India mostly representing business families communities  Most of porwal’s has surname like gupta , porwal , choudhary , farkya etc . Today this community was spreaded to other states of india like Madhya pradesh , uttar - pradesh , maharashtra . This site bring all porwal’s under one roof promote various activities like free listing of matrimonial proposals of porwals all over the world , member listing of all porwal’s , Latest News of upcoming events various important information about porwal samaj , porwal Festivals, porwal History .The main Aim of Publishing this website is to provide right place of all porwal samaj.


Porwal Samaj Mandsaur, Indore, Kota, Nagda and all cities of india.


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